The Bar

El Bar de La Viña del EnsancheAlgo para picar en La Viña del EnsancheLa barra del Bar de La Viña del EnsancheLas mesas del Bar de La Viña del Ensanche son las mismas desde los años 40

The original experience since 1927

La Viña del Ensanche Bar has an unmistakable local flavor. Live the pulse of the city.

With its original furniture, the same one in which the Bilbaínos were already seated more than 60 years ago, and its "tasca"character, has evolved to expand its gastronomic offer with a select menu of dishes and tapas and its selection of Iberian Bellota products.

More than 60 years separate these two images

El Bar de La Viña del Ensanche en los años 50
El Bar de La Viña del Ensanche en 2014

A very special experience that unites the atmosphere, sound and tradition that gave birth to La Viña del Ensanche. For breakfast, for lunch or dinner, or just to share some time with friends. As we say here:"From Bilbao of all life"

Our tasting menu at El Bar

A selection of the best products that unites tradition and topicality and includes::

Plates to share

  • Iberian Cured Ham with tomato, virgin olive oil and oven baked ciabatta
  • Iberian Cured Ham Croquettes
  • Marinated Bluefin tuna served with shusi rice
  • Josellinis au gratin (Iberian loin, melted cheese and foie on
    crystal bread (crispy crust and soft, honeycombed interior bread))

Individual plates

  • Grilled cod with roasted peppers
  • Iberian pork cheeks with mashed potato


  • Apple sorbet with yoghourt foam
  • Red fruit gratin (with cheese ice cream)

Price 35.00 € per person  (V.A.T. included, beverages not included)