Where do you want to make your reservation?

At La Viña del Ensanche we have two different spaces, with a shared gastronomic offer and their own atmosphere. Choose the space of your preference before making the reservation request:

Phone: +34 944 155 615

Temporarily and until further notice we can only accept bookings by phone or directly on the premises

On the terrace

The terrace of La Viña del Ensanche offers a spacious, cool and pleasant space on warm days, and protected from the elements and the cold on the coldest days. It is also a flexible space that can be adapted to the needs of your reservation.

About the interior of the bar: Due to its characteristics, the atmosphere inside the bar is busy and the space is limited with a lot of movement. For this reason we do not currently accept reservations inside the bar. The tables and stools inside the bar are offered without reservation, subject to availability at the time of your arrival at the bar.

At our kitchen workshop

Our kitchen workshop offers a more formal and intimate atmosphere. It's a more personal experience.